A6 Impant Dental Unit
Wider room for six-hand surgery
A new vision for Implant operation
Touch with fingertips, to feel the wisdom of controlling.
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  • Intelligent Voice Control

    ESAY dental chair has a built-in Intelligent Voice Control Operating System, which enables dentists to control the most often used functions by voice command.
    Dentist could activate the dental chair by saying "Hey ESAY" and the chair will respond with "Hello there", then dentist could control the appointed often used functions by voice recognition commands.
    E-Link touch screen operating system

    Has a self-diagnostic function, and sensitive touch to control all functions.
    Full-screen touch operation

    With seamless panel design. High sensitivity and wet hands with gloves will not affect operation.
    The height of the instrument tray is electric controlled up&down perfectly fits the dentist's habits.
    Two implant trays, more space, and flexibility for dentist's operation.
    Spit restoration position

    The chair will move to the right position to spit, the lamp will be turned off automatically to prevent strong light from shining into the patient's eyes, and the spittoon will be flushed automatically. After spitting, the dental chair return to the previous treatment position, and the lamp will be automatically turned on to improve the dentist's work efficiency.
    Memory position

    Helpful to save the regular-use position and improve work efficiency.
    The injection molded footrest

    It is easier to clean and more durable.
    Clean up position

    Helpful to clean rapidly and prepare for the next surgery.
    Adjustable water knob

    Dual color and different tactile air/water control knobs make dental surgery easier.
    110 degrees rotated racks

    Adapt to different operation habits, and meet personalized surgical needs.
    Multi-functional foot control

    Water/air separating foot control can realize the functions of the movement operation, light control, cup filling, chip blowing, etc
  • Ergonomic Upholstery

    Imported wear-resistant leather upholstery with the high-elastic sponge, soft and breathable, ensures the comfort of treatment.
    The ErgoMotion function

    Provides combined synchronous movements of the backrest and seat for an ergonomic extension of the spine. The patient is comfortably moved to the treatment position.
    The specially designed ultra-thin backrest

    Combines comfort and aesthetics.
    3-axis headrest

    Suitable for adults. children and patients with wheelchairs.
  • Double seal ring connector

    Well-sealed reinforced filter, durable and easy to clean. The filter was easy to deal with the solid dirt generated during surgery to avoid blockage of the valve and drain pipe.
    180 degrees rotated and detachable ceramic cuspidor

    Easy to clean, corrosion resistant, and can also keep pure and clean after a long time of use.
  • The operation light equipped with CREE bulbs, with high lumens, strong stability and longer service life. LED stepless dimming creates an ideal environment for surgery.
    This light makes it possible to set specific temperature values according to clinical requirements: warm, neutral and cool light.
    The No Touch sensor can switch the lamp on/off and adjust light intensity up to 29,000 Lux. Color temperature:5000K-57000K.
  • 180 degrees rotated the assistant tray

    The assistant panel can be rotated by 180 °, and the reserved light curing space, rotary tray arm is more flexible for four-handed operation, making it easier to cooperate with the surgery.
  • ASTER Disinfection System

    The ASTER disinfection system which is controlled by one bottom provides intensive disinfection for all instruments, including 3-way syringes, handpieces, HVE&SE, etc. Ensures hygiene and avoids cross-disinfection.
    Emergency position

    To avoid from for users, it helps the dentist to save the patient's life in the shortest time when an emergency happens.
    Blockage protection funtion

    The seat will stop & rise up slightly once it encountered resistance to avoid the incident that occurred


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